Книга: Breaking With Tradition Brian M. Stack

Brian M. Stack

Foreword by Chris Sturgis Shifting to a competency-based curriculum allows educators to revolutionize education by replacing traditional, ineffective systems with a personalized, learner-centered approach. Throughout the resource, the authors explore how the components of PLCs promote the principles of competency-based education and share real-world examples from practitioners who have made the transition to learner-centered teaching. Each chapter ends with reflection questions readers can answer to apply their own learning progression. By reading this book, K-12 administrators, school leaders, and teacher leaders will: Evaluate the qualities of true competency-based schools and the flaws in traditional schooling. Consider the foundational role that PLCs have in establishing the competency-based approach and promoting learning for all. Gain tips for successfully implementing student-centered practices for learning competencies and performance assessment and grading. Explore real school experiences that highlight the processes and challenges involved in moving from traditional to competency-based school structures Access reproducible school-design rubrics appropriate for the five design principles of competency-based learning. Contents: Introduction Chapter 1: Understanding the Components of an Effective Competency-Based Learning System Chapter 2: Building the Foundation of a Competency-Based Learning System Through PLCs Chapter 3: Developing Competencies and Progressions to Guide Learning Chapter 4: Changing to Competency-Friendly Grading Practices Chapter 5: Creating and Implementing Competency-Friendly Performance Assessments Chapter 6: Responding When Students Need Intervention and Extension Chapter 7: Sustaining the Change Process References and Resources Index
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